Photo: © Gmund Papier

This homepage would like to inform applicants, students and companies on the study possibilities in the field of Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres at Munich University of Applied Sciences

Are you interested in a varied course of study? Has the diversity of paper always interested you? ‌

Then you have come to the right place! At our university, you will learn in small groups with a practical focus. You’ll also have the chance to pursue a career with above-average pay after graduation. Find out more about this unique degree programme here at paper.university. 

The study programme Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres is unique. Here you learn how valuable and system-relevant products are created from a renewable raw material. Because paper accompanies us throughout our everyday lives. You don’t just learn the theory, but also the practice.

As an affiliated institute of Munich University of Applied Sciences, the Institut für Verfahrenstechnik Papier e.V. (IVP) provides organisational and financial support. 

IVP supports, among other things, the Packaging Technology and Paper Process Engineering degree programme organisationally as well as financially in improving teaching and research.