When do I have to decide on the specialisation of paper and Biofibres or packaging technology? 
Applications have to be submitted for the degree programme Packaging Technology and Paper Process Engineering. At the time of final enrolment, students must then decide on the subject area of Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres.

Are there any information events before the course of study?
HM Study information days
Information event in July for applicants of the study programme Packaging Technology and Paper Process Engineering

 Is there a possibility to go abroad? 
The programme has cooperation agreements with partner universities in the USA and Finland. Or you can complete your practical semester abroad.

How can I apply? 
Click here to apply.

How does the timetable allocation work?
At Munich University of Applied Sciences there are fixed timetables for each semester, so you don’t have to worry about anything here.

Who is the contact person for questions? 
If you have any questions, you can always contact Nina Kohr from theInstitute of Paper Technology (IVP). Mail address: info@ivp.org.

Is there any support in finding accommodation? 
The study programme Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres has a limited number of rooms in student accommodation. If you are interested, please contact Nina Kohr: info@ivp.org.

Is there an introduction day or an introduction week?
There is an introduction day once at the beginning of the semester, which applies to all courses of study at Munich University of Applied Sciences. The Packaging Technology and Paper Process Engineering degree programme organises an introduction day on the first day, usually followed by an excursion.

How to find an internship or a Bachelor/Master thesis in a company?

  • Own research in the companies/ company websites/ job portals
  • Contact the professors of the study programme 
  • Create your own network by attending the networking-events at the university (usually German language skills are required)
  • If you are looking for an internship in Germany – acquire German language skills
  • You may also look for a possibility in a board or paper in your home country or other country.

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