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The study programme Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres takes part in the annual study information day of the University of Applied Sciences Munich with lectures and laboratory tours. Find out more here.

We also offer all applicants an information event for the study programme Packaging Technology and Process Engineering Paper, which takes place every year in July. 

Here you can find out about the numerous possibilities for your education. You can also get an impression of the laboratories and the experimental paper machine. Munich University of Applied Sciences is the largest and most international faculty for paper technology in the German-speaking world. Here you will be offered the full spectrum from a Bachelor’s degree to a doctorate. Are you interested? Then simply send us an email at

Paper Technology in Munich – The international high-tech Master programme with a great future prospect in the sustainable industry of biofibre

The career opportunities with a degree in Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres / Paper Technology are broadly diversified. You will be qualified to develop the solutions of tomorrow. As there is a manageable number of graduates, you will have many entry possibilities. Therefore, you have good prospects of finding an interesting job where the starting salary is not only above average, but which exactly meets your requirements. By attending trade fairs, conferences, lectures and excursions, you will get to know your future employers during your studies and will always be up-to-date. The „Aktivitas“, an association of students makes sure that there is always a lively exchange with the industry. Through the internships and the practical semester you can find out what you enjoy most. The many industry contacts during your studies will make it easy to find a job.

The following classic career paths can be taken with a degree in Process Engineering Paper and Biofibres: [read more]

  • Production, personnel manager, plant management
  • Distribution to the supply industry
  • Research and development
  • Research Engineer
  • Technical manager in the supply industry
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Planning and sale of machines and plants for pulp and paper production
  • Development and sale of chemical additives for paper production
  • Management of companies in the paper processing and printing industry
  • In national and international institutions, associations and consulting firms


The following classic fields of activity are possible with a degree: [read more]

  •  Optimisation of the production process
  • Selection and production of the fibres
  • Testing in the company laboratory
  • Research
  • Customer Service
  • Set up and operate management systems
  • Quality, energy, environment and hygiene


Would you like to exchange ideas and make contacts with other students? Then take a look at the Vereinigter Papierverband München e.V. (Munich Paper Association). There are regular events and lectures here.

Do you have questions about your life and career planning? 

Then take a look at the CAREER Center at Munich University of Applied Sciences. There are numerous courses for your future after graduation.