Siemens Energy PCS 7 SIPAPER DCS Workshop

As part of the course module Automation taught by Dr. T. Kleemann, the students of the Master’s degree course in Paper Technology visited Siemens Energy in Erlangen on a 3-day excursion. The focus of the trip was a workshop that introduces the Siemens Energy PCS 7 SIPAPER DCS for the paper industry. However, the excursion also featured a visit to the Siemens Energy transformer production plant in Erlangen and culinary delights in the evening.

A more detailed report may be found here.

Automation Excursion 2020 at Siemens SIPAPAER DCS Training

Automation Excursion 2020 at Siemens SIPAPAER DCS Training As part of the automation course taught by Dr. Tobias A. Kleemann (MUAS), 14 students from the Munich University of Applied Sciences’ Paper Technology Master´s programme have successfully completed the Siemens SIPAPER DCS workshop 2020. Under the direction of Dr. Hermann Schwarz (Siemens), these students from several countries participated in a professional seminar taught by Mr. Joao Fernandes (Siemens), specifically tailored to them, to teach the programming and operation of the Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 system. On the final day, Mr. Gerd Michaelis (Siemens) expanded on this and presented the Siemens SIPAPER Drives APL, diving into the automation and electrical systems necessary for advanced motor controls on a modern paper machine.

Isar raft trip

Every year, the VPM invites students to join the association’s Isar raft trip. You can enjoy a day on the raft with draught beer, meat loaf, good music and a great atmosphere. At the same time, you have the opportunity to talk to representatives from the paper industry in a relaxed setting and to make contacts. A really great event to look forward to.