Graduation Ceremony 2021

Mr. Jacob Friedl won the Andritz price for the best Bachelor basic studies.
Mr. Jelle Schuivens received the Palm Award for the best Master degree.

At the end of the summer semester 2021, the graduates of the German Bachelor study course “Verfahrenstechnik Papier und Biofasern” (translation: Paper Technology and bio-fibres) and of the English Master study course in “Paper Technology”, took their leave from the Hochschule München University of Applied Sciences.

Due to the COVID restrictions the usual annual ceremony could not be held. This typically consists of festivities that includes family members and invited guests from industry. However, it was important to us to recognise the graduation of our students. Therefore, a cordial meeting in one of Munich’s famous beer gardens was organised instead.


Wanted: Women in the paper industry

We are looking for women in the paper industry. Study Packaging Technology and Paper Process Engineering  at Munich University of Applied Sciences now.

You can study paper?

We attended again the university forum in Weilheim to inform and attract future high school graduates for our course of study. The students were interested and curious about our “Paper booth”. And you can study something like that? Of course, and with a lot of fun. We hope that we could convince one or the other of our exceptional degree programme and that we will see each other again in the corridors of our department from October 2020.